The Sun Lite Beta APK

The Sun Lite Beta Android App: In 2050, the sun has emit extreme amount of energy into the space, plunging our planet into chaos for centuries.
It was predicted by everyone: astrologists, extrasensory, top scientists, and astronomers world level.Symposiums, forums and conferences in all around the world were trying to be heard by the governments which bogged down in world redistribution.

No, they didn’t believe, but putting off problem in to back burner, were trying to be blind to symptoms and signs, up to the moment when became too late. The sun has spread myriads of smallest particle underrated gift of life in the galaxy. After emission into the space was thrown large amount of radioactive particles sought to the Earth. To equalize bad and good, rich and poor, military enemies, friends and opponents. Small amount of people survived, the people who were warned and listened the warnings of the scientists. Vigilant <> hidden in the bunkers built in case of nuclear war. On the surface radioactive death was collecting it’s harvest, was killing, changing and redistributing the world.

Chaos and hunger become norm on the Earth. Food and water, became the most valuable things in the world.
Those who turned back on the surface were restoring agriculture, creating new societies and new laws of life.
In the one of such societies the Crow was born and grown up.

What’s New v1.15:
– Added a dialogue system (in development);
– Added a quest system (in development);
– Some objects you can shoot through (depending on the type of weapon and the distance);
– Now shotguns are firing not a single bullet but shrapnel;
– Damage from a shotgun spread depending on the number of shrapnel hit the target;
– Now the turrets and the mutants are dead after the save game or move through the levels if have been killed;
– Added a save point;
– Other fixes and improvements.

The Sun Lite Beta APK For Android

The Sun Lite Beta Apk for AndroidVersion: 1.15
Updated: September 28, 2016
Offered By: AGaming+
Requirement:  Android 4.2+
Download The Sun Lite Beta 1.15 APK File

Note:  The Sun Lite Beta is a Trademark of AGaming+. All rights reserved by the Developers. We Share Only Original APK files without any modification (No Cheats, No Hacks, No Mods etc)

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