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The Firestorm: Survivors’ Land is a fantasy role-playing game

The devastating magican Firestorm destroyed the world. Only a small piece of land remains, which survived the apocalyptic disaster for some reason.
Explore the Land of Survivors!

The “Firestorm: Survivors’ Land” in a fantasy-action RPG game. Create your survivor on a scorched world, and discover the land of survivors! You can fight the firestorm survivor monsters, and invent special weapons and armor to face the challenges of Survivors Land!

Take part in the weekly Olympics, where reveals, who is the mightiest adventurer!

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Found a guild, and develop guild abilities to get permanent bonuses for all of your characters. More adventurers can join to your guild to be stronger together!

Wandering on the survivors’ land you can undertake quests, you may write the history of this world with your adventures!

You can level up during your adventures, can collect more and more gold, more and more glory, you can be the living legend of the survivors’ land!

What the game offers:
* Free game
* Fantastic RPG feeling
* Unique graphics from the Golden Age of Role-Playing Games
* Unique, a huge explorable fantasy world, unique monsters.
* Lots of weapons and magical equipment
* Weekly gladiator fight in the Olympic arena, where you stack up against the other gladiators
* Metals, skins and other objects that are combined together for invent new unique items
* Exciting missions
* Free-customizable characters
* Puzzles, decryptable texts for the puzzle games lovers

“The Firestorm: Survivors’ Land” playing on “Survivors’ Land”, with the permission of copyright owner, the Beholder kft.

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The Firestorm APK For Android

The Firestorm (PUBLIC BETA) Apk for AndroidVersion: 1.98
Updated: January 11, 2017
Offered By: Wildcard Games
Requirement: Android 2.3+
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Note: The Firestorm is a Trademark of Wildcard Games. All rights reserved by the Developers. We Share Only Original APK files without any modification (No Cheats, No Hacks, No Mods etc)

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