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SHAREit – Transfer & Share is one of the top rated Android application of Google Play store offered by SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd developer. This application is one of the popular app of Tools category. Its popularity can be seen from its ratings awarded by the app users. Having rating of 4.6 Along with ratings SHAREit – Transfer & Share has highest reviews “13,638,409”. No doubt its popularity goes high day by day. According to Google Play Store this app has total download between (500,000,000+). Keep in mind this application have best results on 4.0+ Android system. You can enjoy the best features of the app in the mentioned supporting device. is platform which provides only free Android apps available on Play Store. We grab the latest versions offered by the respected owner of the app and share with our web users through this page.

We provide only quality content like original apk file of Android app without any change or making modification for to make sure your complete device’s security.

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We advice to go through the below “Download APK File” button on our page to proceed for direct download apk file more faster than any other site. You should know that apk file must be downloaded directly to your Android device’s disc space or SD card. Now browse the application’s apk file after successful download and then click on the file for install. Keep in mind that you are installing this application manually so it needs permission. Allow it through choosing install as “Unknown Source” and then install. Note: SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd developer is the original owner of the Application and we as a shares official apk files (Latest Version). If you find any link not work properly or violate copy right policy than please contact us we will update it as soon as possible. Proceed to below link and get your app now.

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SHAREit – Transfer & Share APK For Android

SHAREit: File Transfer,Sharing APK for AndroidVersion: 5.3.88_ww
Updated: April 8, 2020
Offered by: SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd.

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All Versions

Shareit v5.3.78_ww
Shareit v5.3.69_ww
Shareit v5.3.58_ww
Shareit v5.3.49_ww
Shareit v5.3.39_ww
Shareit v5.3.38_ww
Shareit v5.3.28_ww
Shareit v5.3.18_ww
Shareit v5.3.9_ww
Shareit v5.2.99_ww
Shareit v5.2.98_ww
Shareit v5.2.88_ww
Shareit v5.2.79_ww
Shareit v5.2.68_ww
Shareit v5.2.62_ww
Shareit v5.2.58_ww
Shareit v5.2.48_ww
Shareit v5.2.39_ww
Shareit v5.2.38_ww
Shareit v5.2.29_ww
Shareit v5.2.28_ww
Shareit v5.2.18_ww
Shareit v5.2.8_ww
Shareit v5.1.98_ww
Shareit v5.1.92_ww
Shareit v5.1.89_ww
Shareit v5.1.88_ww
Shareit v5.1.83_ww
Shareit v5.1.68_ww
Shareit v5.1.58_ww
Shareit v5.1.49_ww
Shareit v5.1.38_ww
Shareit v5.1.28_ww
Shareit v5.1.18_ww
Shareit v5.0.88_ww
Shareit v5.0.82_ww
Shareit v5.0.72_ww
Shareit v5.0.59_ww
Shareit v5.0.49_ww
Shareit v5.0.42_ww
Shareit v5.0.38_ww
Shareit v5.0.28_ww
Shareit v5.0.22_ww
Shareit v5.0.12_ww
Shareit v5.0.8_ww
Shareit v5.0.2_ww
Shareit v4.8.88_ww
Shareit v4.8.64_ww
Shareit v4.8.58_ww
Shareit v4.8.52_ww
Shareit v4.8.48_ww
Shareit v4.8.38_ww
Shareit v4.8.28_ww
Shareit v4.8.12_ww
Shareit v4.7.98_ww
Shareit v4.7.94_ww
Shareit v4.7.88_ww
Shareit v4.7.78_ww
Shareit v4.7.72_ww
Shareit v4.7.68_ww
Shareit v4.7.64_ww
Shareit v4.7.58_ww
Shareit v4.7.52_ww
Shareit v4.7.44_ww
Shareit v4.7.38_ww
Shareit v4.7.35_ww
Shareit v4.7.34_ww
Shareit v4.7.29_ww
Shareit v4.7.28_ww
Shareit v4.7.22_ww
Shareit v4.7.18_ww
Shareit v4.7.8_ww
Shareit v4.6.94_ww
Shareit v4.6.88_ww
Shareit v4.6.78_ww
Shareit v4.6.74_ww
Shareit v4.6.68_ww
Shareit v4.6.58_ww
Shareit v4.6.52_ww
Shareit v4.6.48_ww
Shareit v4.6.42_ww
Shareit v4.6.38_ww
Shareit v4.6.28_ww
Shareit v4.6.18_ww
Shareit v4.6.8_ww
Shareit v4.6.2_ww
Shareit v4.5.98_ww
Shareit v4.5.92_ww
Shareit v4.5.88_ww
Shareit v4.5.84_ww
Shareit v4.5.82_ww
Shareit v4.5.78_ww
Shareit v4.5.72_ww
Shareit v4.5.68_ww
Shareit v4.5.58_ww
Shareit v4.5.54_ww
Shareit v4.5.50_ww
Shareit v4.5.48_ww
Shareit v4.5.47_ww
Shareit v4.5.46_ww
Shareit v4.5.44_ww
Shareit v4.5.43_ww
Shareit v4.5.39_ww
Shareit v4.5.38_ww
Shareit v4.5.37_ww
Shareit v4.5.34_ww
Shareit v4.5.32_ww
Shareit v4.5.28_ww
Shareit v4.5.24_ww
Shareit v4.5.18_ww
Shareit v4.5.6_ww
Shareit v4.5.4_ww
Shareit v4.1.8_ww
Shareit v4.0.72_ww
Shareit v4.0.70_ww
Shareit v4.0.58_ww

Shareit v4.0.44_ww

Shareit v4.0.20_ww

Shareit v4.0.18_ww

Shareit v4.0.16_ww
Shareit v4.0.14_ww
Shareit v4.0.10_ww
Shareit v4.0.4_ww
Shareit v4.0.2_ww
Shareit v3.10.2_ww
Shareit v3.9.98_ww
Shareit v3.9.81_ww
Shareit v3.9.78_ww
Shareit v3.9.68_ww