RPG Ninja Quest 3D APK

RPG Ninja Quest 3D Android app: RPG Ninja Quest 3D is one of the best action side-scrollers ! With grand stages, flashy skills, stylish equipment, explosive combat, the game is a perfect combination of ninja and RPG game

RPG Ninja Quest 3D addicting games features:

Become the strongest fighter on the earth RPG Ninja Quest 3D action game !Prove your worth as the powerful Master Ninja
✓ Awesome graphics.
✓ Intuitive virtual joystick ensures you’re slicing up baddies, not swiping the screen.

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Tense, fast and gory battle sequences!
✓ Battle hordes of on-screen enemies wielding new weapons and sporting distinctive skills.
✓ keep nimble and set up your attacks – roll out of harm’s manner and eliminate ranged enemies just like the Ninja before they will strike.

✓ Dynamic camera finds the simplest perspective for every encounter, adding selection whereas keeping targeted on the action.

✓ Improved game play includes new options
✓ Solve environmental puzzles, avoid dangerous traps, and find out helpful things.
– The fight is on – to not worry, the combat ne’er takes a back seat to platforming or fetch-quests.
✓ New survival mode pits the Ninja against waves of enemies, giving hardcore players a score-attack mode to hone their skills. 3 games in one!
✓ Experience the perfect RPG games
✓ Strong titan bosses

We will be updating the latest features for you
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What’s New v1.3:

+ add music
+ Fix bug

RPG Ninja Quest 3D APK For Android

RPG Ninja Quest 3D APK for AndroidVersion: 1.3
Updated: May 22, 2017
Offered By: EZT Games.
Requirement: Android 2.3+
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