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# # # Continue the journey of Galactic Phantasy Prelude yet with a whole new experience

From the creators of the award-winning Galactic Phantasy Prelude franchise, Over Space is a brand new massively multiplayer online space role playing & strategy game.

While serving as a continuation of the Galactic Phantasy Universe, Over Space has been completely designed from scratch and features a whole new story and gameplay system.

# # # Experience large-scale fleet-vs-fleet space battles featuring 100+ spacecrafts

Gone are the days you live your life in the cockpit engaging in dogfight combats like those in Galactic Phantasy Prelude and the Galaxy on Fire series. Now is the time to step up as Commander-in-Chief, look at the big picture, plan for your fleet formation and design your very own tactics to beat your enemies in enormous-scale space battles. In the world of Over Space it is not uncommon to get involved in massive space encounters featuring over 100 spaceships, a scale never before seen on any mobile games.

# # # Create your own fleet formations and tactics

Good reflexes might be what counts most in one-on-one space combats, but you certainly need a little more than that when it comes to massive fleet to fleet space battles.

Design your very own fleet formation that suits your style. Get the best out of the armory your Tank Frigates offer, send in some agile Speeder Destroyers here and there to roam around and distract the enemy spacecrafts, or rely on the long attack range of your Ranger Cruisers. Mix and match among different spaceship classes and grades. Align them into columns, squares, wedges, echelons, or even cluster groups of them to create your very own formation.

# # # Battle against fleets from real players online and offline

Who says you’re alone in space? Put your best tactics to the test and see how they fare against fellow fleet commanders. It’s no longer just about the raw power of the battleships. You might as well outclass your opponents with your unique formation and superior tactics. In fact, in Over Space you get even better rewarded when you deploy a relatively weaker fleet to defeat a stronger opponent by means of some outstanding strategies and tactics.

# # # Unlimited ship / crew combinations, endless tactical possibilities

Corvettes and frigates are good. Destroyers and cruisers are better. Yet nothing beats the battleships you build based on blueprints collected from various solar systems. Lasers, ion beams, missiles, energy shields just to name a few of the advanced attacking and defensive options these battleships provide. Some even offer support to allies nearby with a wide area of effect.

Your tactical options don’t just stop there though. As you scout around and recruit some great talents they provide you with further opportunities to customize the way your battleships perform. Taking into account your very own taste and play style, it could be more of an art than a science to put them altogether and work out the one perfect setup for you, out of all those virtually unlimited possibilities.

# # # Game Features

– Massive space battles featuring 100+ spaceships, a scale never before seen on mobile games
– Create your own fleet formations & tactics
– Battle against fleets from real players online and offline
– Unlimited ship / crew combinations, endless tactical possibilities
– Ever-changing game world with dynamic planet environments
– Massively multiplayer online space strategy game
– Perfect mix of RPG + SLG on mobile
– Alliance gameplay coming soon

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Over Space APK for AndroidVersion: 1.2.6
Updated: September 19, 2017
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Requirement: 4.0+
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