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Nonpareil Brawl Android app: In this dynamic futuristic battle, you have to fight with the rival teams side-by-side with your comrades. Choose a character for yourself, each of them has unique fighting abilities, earn experience points for him with the paragon help of victories over opponents, team up with other players and fight enemies in the open world! Become the strongest fighter, whose name will catch up with the fear of enemies!

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The game is an endless single and team battles in an open location. Players can use both weapons and all sorts of magic attacks in combat. Characters in the game abound, and each of them has its own original abilities. The design of the characters is also able to shake the imagination – which is only a pretty raccoon moving inside a giant deadly robot! The abilities of each hero are truly useful – one is capable of inflicting more damage for the attack, the other has more health cells, the third has a protective armor that increases his endurance, the fourth can become invisible for a short time, and so on. Play for each character to see which one you like best!

You can play both in single-player mode and in command mode. The essence of a single mode is quite understandable – by any means to remain the only surviving player in the arena. In this case, you can play both against the computer and against live players online. In the command mode, you act as a five-player squad, where your goal is to destroy all the fighters of the opposing team. In addition to the main characters in the command mode, each side has a small army of so-called minions – small creatures that are easily destroyed, but still able to create an opponent certain problems. Also in the arena there may be bosses – especially strong characters who seek to destroy the fighters of both teams. The points of experience for winning over the boss are received by the team that caused him more damage. In turn, experience points will give you the opportunity to conduct more powerful attacks. Lead your team to victory!

Splash in large-scale magic battles and confirm your title of the strongest warrior!

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What’s New v1.2:

Nonpareil Brawl APK For Android

Nonpareil Brawl APK for AndroidVersion: 1.2
Updated: December 04, 2017
Offered by: BelkaN Paragon.
Requirement: 4.1+
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