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My Angel Romance Android app: ◇◇You can enjoy the story until the end for free!◇◇
◇◇ “My Angel Romance” is a completely original story. What hapless fate awaits you in the Heavenly World you are summoned to?◇◇
◇◇You are the heroine! You take on the role of the heroine and experience a romance with angels!◇◇

One day while you are walking through town, you happen to spot a curious power stone in the window of a random goods shop. You brought to a mysterious world on your way home after getting a hold of a power stone. Handsome angels appear in front of you in this strange world where your life is being targeted! They tell you that they want your help to defeat the traitor Arch Angel Lucifer! You choose one of the four angels to be your bodyguard on your journey. Will you be able to defeat the Arch Angel Lucifer and safely return to your own world?


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◆【Cool and Mysterious Gentlemanly Angel】Minael
Height: 183cm Age: 25 (in appearance only)
“It’ll be okay. I will protect you no matter what happens.”
Minael is always calm and collected and holds the burden of being a tactician. Although he is on bad terms with Ray and always at odds with him, but deep down they actually acknowledge each other’s skill. He has a much older brother who he is very attached to. His friends among the angels are unaware that it is his brother’s existence that brought about the heavenly war. You feel like you heard Minael’s voice as a child…

◆【Gentle and Kind Leader of the Angels】Garyl
Height: 180cm Age: 32
“I decided to protect you, so I will escort you until the very end.”
Garyl is a gentle and kind gentlemanly angel who acts as the leader of the other angels. Jena is very fond of him and he also views Jena as a younger brother. He plays a central role in the war against Lucifer and is also the one who summoned you to the Heavenly World. He feels responsible for involving you in the Heavenly World’s war and is the most concerned for you out of all the angels.

◆【Robust Angel who Unifies the Armies of Heaven】Nao
Height: 178cm Age: 20
“I’ll be the one to protect you!”
Nao is a slightly over-confident angel with a hot-cold personality. He possesses the same high-level of fighting skills as Ray does. He gets along well with the younger Jena and they often do things together. He may be young, but he is renowned as a hero in the Heavenly World and God places his full trust in him. At first he may seem to take action without thinking, but he actually watches his surroundings and has the ability to cut his way through any obstacle.

◆【Flirtatious Angel who Loves Humans】Ray
Height: 175cm Age: 22
“Obviously. Who aside from me would protect you?”
Ray is an angel with an egotistical streak. He is an extremely skilled fighter who is always on the front lines challenging Lucifer to battle. He doesn’t think about the small things and is a carefree optimist. He is very interested in humans and would like you to take an interest in the Heavenly World. He protects you with his fighting prowess, but…

You can choose from a variety of characters based on your preferences!
…Who will you fall in love with?

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What’s New v1.0.2:
bug fixed.

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