Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Mods/2.3+) APK

Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Mods/2.3+) Android app: Minecraft Pocket Edition is a survival / builder from Mojang for the Android platform. The world in Minecraft is very simple and is made up of very large but extremely large shapes. You can interact with your world how to place or break the block types in 3D space of Minecraft.

Download the Minecraft Pocket Edition apk for android and get involved in the 3D virtual world of Minecraft.

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In Minecraft, players will combine building or destroying different types of blocks, in a 3D environment. Players will have a representative character, can destroy or build assembled squares together. At first glance you will quit the game immediately after entering the game. Graphics too bad, yes to say it is very light compared to the game at the same time. But this is the core of Minecraft’s gameplay style, Minecraft’s world is made up of square blocks.

In the Minecraft Pocket Editions, players will be able to participate in Survival and Creatice modes, playing with others over Wifi. Also updated a lot more caves, villages, animals and new monsters. Just enough battery power to play.

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What’s New v1.2.0.31:

1.2 Beta ! More Bugs Fixes! New Features: • Stained Glass • Fireworks (with Elytra boosting!) • Parrots • Banners • Armor Stands • Jukebox and music discs • Recipe Book • Book and Quill • Ravines • Coarse Dirt • Added ‘/tickingarea’ command to create areas that still update when no players are there • Player permissions • Zombie Villager spawn egg • In-game host options • New loading screens with funny and helpful tips

Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Mods/2.3+) APK For Android

Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Mods/2.3+) Apk for AndroidVersion:
Updated: 11/09/2017
Offered by: Mojang.
Requirement: 2.3+
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