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Kingdom Smasher – The Battle Android app: Kingdom Smasher – The Battle is all about defending your kingdom from bloodthirsty enemies. The war broke out leaving us no choice. It’s time to use our spells to kill the enemies. Each enemy has their own way of attacking. So we should build different strategies to kill different enemies.
Smash your enemies to defend your kingdom. In kingdom smasher you will experience the awsum graphic quality with well defined characters.
It’s a fun to play game for all ages. It keeps you involved and busy in tapping different enemies to save your kingdom. At the same time , be cautious in using the different spells on enemies.

The game is having 3 modes. They are
1) Story Mode
2) Survival Mode
3) Time Trail Mode

Story Mode:-

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Kingdom Smasher – The Battle to defend your kingdom is designed in 60 levels in this mode. There are six different beasts which are introduced to the user in different levels. More number of beasts and spells are coming soon in the coming updates. Each beast has different ways of getting killed.

The six beasts are :-

1) Glow Behemoth
2) Yellow Shifter
3) Sunray Anubis
4) Sunset Drake
5) Bear Reaper
6) Barachiel – The Angel

Kingdom Smasher is filled with interesting beasts to defeat. These are the few beasts in this version.
Glow Behemoths and Yellow Shifters are the flesh eaters . They need one single tap to get killed. But be careful, they are very huge in number and it’s difficult to handle them in some situations.

Sunset Drake is the third most powerful enemy. It has a special feature in moving diagonally. So be careful while attacking this special one. This beast needs two taps to get killed. They are rare, but give huge damage to the castle.

Sunray Anubis is the second most powerful beast in Kingdom Smasher – The Battle game. It has furious horns like a bull and gives huge damage while attacking. This enemy moves a bit faster and needs 3 taps to get killed. These are also huge in number. So use the spells in right time to kill these furious beasts.

Bear Reaper is the first most powerful beast among all beasts. This has the ability in attacking huge men in a single punch. It needs tap and hold method to get killed. Special spells will be very useful in killing this beast.

Brachiel – The Angel is our healer in the battle field. She heals our men from getting damage. If we tap this angel, the game ends. So be careful in tapping.

Finally the game Kingdom Smasher – The Battle will be your favourite tapping game ever.

Survival Mode :- In this mode, there is no time limit and we need to kill the huge lot of beasts using spells.

Time Trail Mode :- In this mode , the time limit is 90 sec. In this given time, we need to kill maximum number of beasts.

Spells :-

There are three different spells in kingdom smasher. They are –
1) Arrow Rain Attack
2) Cannon Ball Attack
3) Thunder Bolt Attack

Arrow Rain attack will throw huge number of arrows at once in consequent lines. This is the most helpful spell when there are uncontrollable number of beasts.

Cannon Ball attack and Thunder Bolt attack are used to kill tough group of beasts at once in small areas.

Upgrades :-

The upgrade system in this game helps us to increase our stamina in attacking the enemies. There are four upgrades totally in Kingdom Smasher – The Battle. They are

– Arrow Rain Upgrade
– Cannon Ball Upgrade
– Thunder Bolt Upgrade
– Castle Health Upgrade

Each of these upgrades helps us in increasing our chances of surviving more in the game .

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Kingdom Smasher – The Battle APK For Android

Kingdom Smasher - The Battle Apk for AndroidVersion: 1.1
Updated: December 9, 2016
Offered By: Sriman Games LLP
Requirement: Android 2.3+
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