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Energy wars Android app: Simulate 2 centuries of history, from the industrial revolution to the green revolution, in this fast-paced, challenging, apocalyptic, original and independant strategy game !

Winter gift : the game is still 100% free till the end of january.

– Manage the world’s mines of limitated energetical resources (coal, oil, gas, uranium)
– Teach countries how to build dams, windmills, and other renewable energy devices.
– Deal with the crisis and wars generated by the decreasing stocks of resources.
– Switch to green energies before earth is destroyed by pollution and hurricanes.
– Avoid hurricanes to make a rampage amongt your fragile green cities
– Plant trees to calm down pollution a moment
– Protect the key countries and try to exploit their resources wisely
– Deal with the grey empires that spread themselves like a plague in your 165 countries !

Some subjects of this game seem to be quite polemic in some countries. So here are some disclaimers about it:

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1. This indie game does not try to express any political point of view and does not try to convince you about the reality of global warming as it is represented in the game. It’s just a videogame using mechanics in a fantasy strategy game for you to enjoy as it is. If you want to play it but are bothered about this, you could consider that the global warming part of the game (= fossile combustion rises temperature) represents 5% of its overall mechanics (amongst other things like the mechanic of the limitated fossile resources consumption, pollution, economic race, offshore banks, crises, wars, peace and so on… which don’t make much controversy) . If you still are bothered about that, then I can’t do anything more about it and I’m sorry if this game doesn’t fit your thoughts and beliefs.

2. I know that scientists have not proved (yet?) that the rise of temperature has something to do with a rise of hurricanes power but I just believe it’s a fine idea of gameplay and a good metaphor of the dangers of the rise of temperature. Again, this an old-school videogame, not an essay.

3. The position of mines, climate conditions, proportions of rivers, borders, economic ranGZs etc. tend to reflect reality but are not the “real reality” … for sure. If you think your country is mis-represented, please tell me so ! I’ll cross check your facts and I’ll change its stats in the game.

4. The borders are not the 1850’s ones and it may seems a little odd because it is said that the game starts in 1850. I did this because the world was, at the time, very different from now, with lots of differents names, small GZdoms, Empires and colonies and much more problem with borders than now … It would have been quite difficult to add a way to deal with that across time in a game that try to focus on the story of energies. Also, the game needs you to recognize quickly the countries’ names of the world so these are some reasons why I decided to keep the world’s borders of year 2014 when I started to make this game.

Google play Games integrated !
Try to beat the world’s best scores by lightening the highest number of green cities in the “free modes” games, unlockable when you’ll finish the second mission ! Could you be the grand master of the green power this week ?

I hope you’ll have a nice time playing that not-so serious game and saving planet earth from auto-destruction, numerous times!
More levels are coming in next Energy Wars updates !

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What’s New v3.02:

– Debugging : on some phones, a bug occured when the HQ country was changed into a dictatoship.
– Venezuela got much more oil now, and South Korea got more coal
– the last mission (with Venezuela) is now a bit harder

Energy wars APK For Android

Energy wars Apk for AndroidVersion: 3.02
Updated: June 3, 2017
Offered By: GZ
Requirement: Android 4.0.3+
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