Doom Strike APK

Doom Strike Android app: Who can rebuild human civilization in the post-apocalyptic world?

Nuclear catastrophe has destroyed human civilization. How can you survive in this post-apocalyptic madness? How will you find the missing pieces of human technologies and civilization? Will you build big cities to develop technologies or build an empire of ultimate military power?

The game features hexagonal tiles as in classic Civilization series. Expand your empire and conquer your enemies. Invade and take their territories. Strategy is always the first thing for you to consider. A cruel world of chaos is waiting for you to dominate!

Game features:

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Classic gameplay

Expand your city by occupying more tiles. The classic gameplay in Civilization. On the world map, invade and occupy your enemy’s territories and expand your own city. Develop your empire and battle enemies. Doom Strike is the ultimate challenge to your strategy as your battle players from all over the world.

Build your city the way you want

The world map has no boundaries. You can expand your city in six direction. It’s all up to you how to build your city: the scale of your city, what’s in it, how many sub-cities you will build, and whether they will focus on technologies or military power. You will have the greatest freedom to decide what your city will become!

It’s all about technologies

Civilization has been destructed by nuclear blast. For the reconstruction of civilization, every player in Doom Strike needs to grow stronger by researching technologies, which will decide how their cities will develop as well. There is a huge technology tree to expand in the game: physics, chemistry, philosophy, politics and so on. It’s a strategy survival game that focuses mainly on the development of technologies. Science and technology is both productivity and fighting capacity!

Look for allies
Alliance is your best reliance in this post-apocalyptic world. Find your allies and team up with them. Help each other when either of you is under attack. It’s not hard to survive this chaos if you join an alliance. Grow with it and establish new order and civilization in a new world to come!

Occupy other players’ cities meaning destroying everything they have been working so hard for in Doom Strike! Face harsh reality in the game. Destroy your enemies or be destroyed. There is no other way!

Build your city into big ones like Beijing or New York if you have what it takes. Or, you can build as many sub-cities as you want across the world map. Establish a new order with your alliance in Doom Strike!

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What’s New v1.9.9:

1. Added State Management
2. Add Guild tasks
1. Genetic agent synthesis panel optimized
2. Optimize the reward for gird upgrade
3. Mail UI optimized
4.VIP panel optimized
5. Purchase entrance of Treasure map optimized

Doom Strike APK For Android

Doom Strike APK for AndroidVersion: 1.9.9
Updated: September 27, 2017
Offered By: Dragonest
Requirement: Android 4.0.3+
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Note: Doom Strike is a Trademark of  Dragonest. All rights reserved by the Developers. We Share Only Original APK files without any modification (No Cheats, No Hacks, No Mods etc)

Previous Version:
Doom Strike v1.9.1
Doom Strike v1.6.58
Doom Strike v1.4.79
Doom Strike v1.4.46