Catch Pixelmon Craft APK

Catch Pixelmon Craft Android app: This game features never-ending fun and addictive gameplay
Explore all the fantasy location in Pixelmon Ball Game and catch them all. Earn pixel ball and power ball upgrade by collecting more points
Challenge your family and friends in this challenging yet addictive game that is hard to beat
You can play them during toilet time, waiting for train, in the car

When game start, you have to run and jump in the adventure world in order to survive. Your game mission is to discover the rarest monster in this game and capture it before anyone those. You need to be careful, the pixelmon can be really strong monsters, you need to control and train your fast reflex in order to win the game. But thankfully, several amazing power-ups and hidden treasure will help you to complete the mission and that is why is this a must-try game for your android today!

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Open World Day follows night, traveling around the cube world, familiarity with the other players, a large number of worlds and servers. To perform the mission. A large number of game modes (Story mode, Survival mode, mode 1 Sun 1)

Collect minerals / materials for crafting and construction of the city! Careful crafting menu, very easy for anyone! Find an ax, pickaxe, a shovel for your home! Build special Pok-house your pixelmon. Live and train together! Build a base for training arena for battles!

To survive you have to eat! Is or buy food for yourself and your pet. To have the strength for the battles you need a house in which you will be able to sleep.

Each game has a Poke-Balls to catch your pet. Find the most beautiful and powerful pixelmon! Let it be your friend! Train together. The more pixelmon trains, the faster it will be able to evolve! Evolution pixelmons! A new level of pet, which is much stronger than it was! Fight with other players. Prove that it is your pixelmon the strongest on the planet! Planet pixelmons.

– skin skins
– craftmon
– 8bit
– Zombie
– Monster Monsters
– Master
– Crafting
– Explorer
– Building build
– Cars speed
– Mods
– Multiplayer
– Explore monsters
– run jump fight drive
– Exploration open world
– Day & Night cycly
– Pokecraft system
– Pixelmon system
– poke item and get the creatures
– pixel 3d world
– Pixelmons
– Weapons
– Building

There are 5 different world to explore
– Jungle, Forest, Sea, etc..
– Start journey, collect pixelball
– Run and jump around and complete the challenging levels

Join us in this epic adventure!
Download now!

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What’s New v 1.1.4:

Catch Pixelmon Craft APK For Android

Catch Pixelmon Craft APK for AndroidVersion:  1.1.4
Updated: April 19, 2017
Offered By:  NacirPlanet
Requirement: Android 1.6+
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